Childhood hunger is more common
than you think.

Despite it's lack of visibility, childhood hunger is a serious issue in the U.S., affecting over 16 million kids. Arby's is tackling that issue head on and making admirable progress.


1 IN 5 CHILDREN don't have access to the meals they need

-that's over 16 million children across the U.S. each day, affecting every single county.


Arby's Work:

We have

raised over $15


to fight hunger

with our National Restaurant
Fundraiser since 2011


3 out of 5 teachers say they regularly see students come to school hungry

Educators were teaching kindergarten through 8th grade in public schools


Lack of enough healthy

can impair a child's ability to concentrate and perform well in school.


Arby's Work:

We have helped bring


to kids who need them all year

through our partnerships with No Kid Hungry® and other hunger relief organizations


21 Million Children

in the U.S rely on free or reduced-price lunches for their nutritional needs during the school year.


5 out of 6

do not receive that meal in the summer

Arby's Work:

We have provided an additional
24 million meals
to kids struggling with hunger during the summer.


In 2015 alone, our restaurants provided access to 1.5+ million wholesome mealsthrough our School's Out, Food's In initiative.

Fact: Just $1 can provide up to 10 meals

You can help us stamp out childhood hunger in America. Join us in our mission
to provide healthy meals to hungry children in America.